At Markeim Chalmers, Inc. (MCI), we take pride in our heritage and recognize its importance as it influences the firm in the years to come. Now In our third generation of ownership, our leaders continue to have an integral role in helping shape the South Jersey business community.

Key Historical Milestones:

  • 1922: Markeim Chalmers, Inc. is founded by J. William Markeim (President) and William Chalmers.
  • 1955: Morton N. Kerr is employed by MCI upon graduation from Temple University.
  • 1965: Both Mr. Markeim and Mr. Chalmers retire and Mr. Kerr becomes 2nd President of MCI.
  • 1986: Fred S. Berlinsky, Esq. joins the MCI team after practicing real estate law.
  • 1991: Mr. Berlinsky becomes MCI’s 3rd President and a partner with Mr. Kerr.
  • 2006: MCI named one of the fastest growing businesses in South Jersey.