Property Management



  • Initial property assessment
  • Business plan development
  • Tenant acquisition and retention
  • Vendor relations and project oversight
  • Building maintenance
  • Asset value management

    At Markeim Chalmers, our Property Management Group offers a broad range of services custom fit to meet clients’ and property-specific requirements. We become the single point of contact for all property related issues, balancing our obligations to first the landlords and second the tenants. Our experienced team is responsive, responsible and reliable with a forward-looking proactive approach to property oversight. Today, Markeim Chalmers Property Management Group manages more than 300,000 square feet of commercial real estate throughout Southern New Jersey.

    The Markeim Chalmers Property Management Group provides regular reporting on all aspects of its efforts and is well versed with the current applicable municipal, county, state and Federal Fair Housing laws and practices. We have one primary goal: To offer our know-how and experience, giving owners the peace of mind that their investment is in the best possible hands.


    The Markeim Chalmers Property Management Group prides itself on ensuring the highest level of property value and negotiating optimum services for the best price on the operating expenses necessary to run it. Specifically, we will:

    Building Management:

    • Oversee safety and property conditions
    • Implement a maintenance check program with detailed documentation
    • Perform regular maintenance visits
    • Respond to sporadic property maintenance needs
    • Suggest upgrades and modifications to increase property value
    • Maintain necessary records
    Vendor Management:

    • Identify and negotiate service contracts using bulk-buying power
    • Develop and implement a maintenance schedule
    • Supervise work making planned adjustments as needed
    • Approve and disperse payments within terms


    At Markeim Chalmers, we bring our years of commercial real estate expertise to advance tenant relations, saving time and expense to engage quality tenants, improve occupant retention and shorten vacancy cycles. Tenant services include:

    • Full and proper screening of an applicant’s credit, rental history and payment ability
    • Timely rent collection and security deposit handling
    • Execute lease extensions, addendums and terminations
    • Respond to occupant requests and address complaints
    • Pursue evictions as needed


    At Markeim Chalmers our mission is to provide clients with the highest level of quality commercial real estate services. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to excellence and the achievement of our clients’ best interests without compromising moral and ethical values.